The "Fire" Collection by Brutal Ceramics unveiled during Paris Design Week on September 7

I am delighted to announce the next collection of Brutal Ceramics:

The “Fire” collection.

Ceramics from earth and fire, captured by seven ceramists from all over the world unveiled on September 7 during Paris Design Week. Brutal is participating in this fall event for the first time.

In the world of ceramic creation, where clay takes shape in the hands of artisans, there is an element of transformation that adds a unique dimension to this art: cooking over a wood fire. This ancestral cooking method sublimates clay works.

When the time for cooking approaches, meticulous preparation begins. The carefully chosen wood becomes the guardian of the process, an organic matter ready to transmute the clay. The flames come to life, dancing around the modeled works, weaving a link between man and nature, between human creativity and the brute force of the elements.

Each piece of clay bears the traces of fire, nuances and textures that tell the story of its transformation.

Fire, an essential and primitive element in the art of ceramics, is the soul of this captivating collection. Each of our selected ceramists has mastered the subtle art of manipulating flames to create unique or micro-series works that reflect the power and transformation of fire.

A collection launched both online and in our store in the 11th arrondissement, each piece tells a story of fusion between raw clay and voracious fire.

The ceramists selected are Estudio Vernis, Judith Lasry, Simon Manoha, Ann Charlotte Ohlsson, Maud Thiefaine, Yoji Yamada and David Whitehead. Each bringing their unique vision and mastery of the process, these ceramists invite you to explore the role of fire as a silent yet essential element.

Save the date: on September 7, we celebrate fire, creativity and raw art with Paris Design Week.

Collection visible during Paris Design Week from September 7, 2023

From 9 a.m. online at

From 12 p.m. at the Brutal boutique, 19 rue Pétion, Paris 11, Metro Voltaire


Photo credits: Estudio Vernis, Ann Charlotte Ohlsson