1616 Arita

TY Palace "chrysanthemum" plate D 11cm - White Gray

  • Aritayaki is a kind of Japanese pottery that has its roots in the ancient ceramic city of Arita, located on the island of Kyushu in southern Japan. It was in this city, in 1616, that the Koreans introduced the art of pottery to Japan. Arita still produces ceramics made by local artisans today using the distinctive ingredient of clay made from crushed stone. Inspired by the experience and deep skills of local Arita artisans, designer and creative director Teruhiro Yanagihara has developed a complete new brand of ceramics for Momota-Touen Corporation. Named after its origins, 1616 / Arita Japan products are produced in the same factories as the original Arita pottery, but take a completely different approach to design. 1616 / Arita Japan is synonymous with contemporary products that can be used every day, although they are made with the extraordinary finish, finesse and solidity of original Arita articles.
  • Following the tradition of Arita pottery, Teruhiro Yanagihara has developed a new series of ceramics using the traditional technique of clay based on crushed stone, although with a different composition. The result is a high-density type of clay that makes pottery ware extremely strong and resistant to heat and staining, even without glaze.

    You might worry that unglazed pottery might absorb liquids. It does not matter! Since the plate is made of high-density clay, you don't have to worry about oil or soy ingress. (However, we recommend that you wash the plates as soon as possible when you are finished using.)

    A special agent added to the clay gives the Standard series a very characteristic light gray and matte tone. In fact, this plate is therefore composed of a clay with a density 1.8 times greater than that of classic Japanese porcelain, which gives it a solidity linked to the uses of everyday life (dishwasher, microwave, etc.). .)

    The TY palace plate from 1616 looks like a large flower. It was specially designed for a traditional prestige hotel, the "Palace Hotel Tokyo" created in 1961. The hotel is one of the prestigious Japanese hotels. Many personalities from all over the world love this hotel. 1616/arita japan is officially recognized as a proper brand for this luxury hotel. This series of TY palace plates was designed when 1616 arita opened its store at "Palace Hotel Tokyo". The design was inspired by the large bloom of the chrysanthemum. The chrysanthemum is an emblem of the Japanese imperial family.

    Plate also available in a larger size

    MATERIALS :Porcelain

    COLOUR : Matte white, without enamel

    DIMENSIONS : Ø 11cm, height 2.3cm


    Microwave: Yes
    Dishwasher: Yes
    Food: Yes

    However, we recommend that you wash the plates as soon as possible when you are finished using them.

    Also beware of sharp knives which could damage the matte surface of the plate.

    Made in Arita, Japan.

        NOTE: Like any handcrafted product, these pieces may have slight variations in shape, color and thickness.

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