- ---- what is it?

A new generation of ceramic designers has emerged, imagining a totally different aesthetic.

Redefining the once popular medium , they present a modern adaptation of traditional craftsmanship, creating contemporary objects of timeless quality and beauty.

Brutal was born as a reaction to this revival of the ceramic arts.

Brutal is an online store offering a range of carefully selected ceramic objects from France and Japan but soon from all over the world.

We offer only the finest quality ceramic and handcrafted products, and we are proud to represent sustainable small-scale production.

The selection and meetings take time but carry values: take the time to consume better , to understand what you are buying .

Brutal wants to embody the revival of this craft through everyday objects, handmade, pieces produced in small series for the most part, sometimes unique pieces and pieces imagined and designed in collaboration for Brutal.

To better understand this craft, meetings at the heart of the workshops are put forward to learn and travel. The important thing for Brutal is to present these craftsmen, these creators who embody an authenticity , and transmit know-how, gestures through this popular tradition.

----- who ?

Behind Brutal hides Estelle, a Parisian architect .
Also a blogger under the name of Le Polyèdre , she shares on her blog and on her Instagram chronicles of Parisian restaurants , interviews with artists , but also travel diaries from Sri Lanka to Berlin via Uzbekistan or even the California.
portrait of estelle, founder of the Brutal online store

In 2016, she decided to take a year off and went to live in Tokyo for a year. During this year, she travels all over Japan . She discovers all the aspects of craftsmanship, the aesthetics of everyday life and the art of ceramics.

A few months later, Brutal was born as part of the continuity of this Japanese year: sharing its favorites, its values of aesthetics, and its discoveries in ceramics.

----- why ?

It is the raw material, the handmade, the hand that creates, the clay that bakes, the unique creation, the clash of cultures Europe and Asia...