Meeting + interview with Katharina Diedrich from Cups Cups Cups

Brutal. went to meet the ceramist Katharina Diedrich of the Cups Cups Cups studio in her Parisian studio. Let's discover his universe through an interview.

What is your background and your training to get to ceramics?

Being a dancer by training and working on the movement, I see the work of the clay in the same way: I try to make the material dance. However, I have been drawn to ceramics and modeling since I was very young.
I like to create with my body.
Are you self taught or did you learn from someone else?

I did several internships and workshops. I worked with Judith Lasry in Burgundy and Patricia Vieljeux and Yeliz Yoldas in Paris where I learned the different modeling techniques but my work remains completely intuitive.
Do you remember your first play?

It is a pinched bowl and so far it remains my flagship piece in my collections.

How would you define your job?

It's spontaneous, free, often without prior measurement, but I'm always looking for the perfect/imperfect.
I like the meditative aspect and losing myself in the realization of an object.
What is your creative and manufacturing process?

I always start with a ball of stoneware, which I will pinch to create cups and bowls or plates. For large pieces I use the coil technique.
What is your favorite technique? Your favorite moment in the process?

Modeling / Pinching. I like all the steps, but especially the magical moment when the piece comes out of the oven.

What is your favorite material? What do you like about him?

Sandstone of all kinds, smooth or chamotté.
What inspires you apart from ceramics?

Cooking, food, vegetables and fruits, their shapes and colors.
I like to eat and especially on handmade plates, that's one of the reasons why I do a lot of utilitarian pieces.
I also like photography, especially still life .
Can you tell us about one or more books on ceramics or something else?

The picture book of ceramicist Aoki Ryo's pieces.
The Potter's Book, Bernard Leach.
Anni and Josef Albers
The cookbooks Jerusalem, Plenty, Flavor, Yotam Ottolenghi
Cabin Porn
Jack Davison
Pina Bausch