Cassandre Bouilly

Tribü blue vase H13.5cm - blue and white


This vase was made by hand in the workshop of Cassandre Bouilly, in Nantes.

Installed in her Nantes studio, Cassandre works on pieces halfway between utilitarian and small sculptures.
His ceramics are an invitation to travel through matter, color and texture.

In a minimalist and refined style, the ceramist shapes pieces in white sandstone and red earthenware, where the earth is often left raw

She creates pieces made one by one by hand and in small series, using the technique of modeling and molding.

MATERIALS : White sandstone

TECHNIQUE : The blue tribü vase is made of white sandstone using the molding technique. After drying and the first firing at 950°C, they are glazed and then fired again up to 1260°C. The vases are glazed in satin cobalt blue on the outside randomly at the bottom of the piece and on the inside. A part is left unglazed to keep the natural and matte side of the stoneware.

ENAMEL : Satin cobalt blue

COLOUR : Cobalt blue and cream

DIMENSIONS : Ø 3cm approximately, height 13.5cm, width 11cm


Washing: Hand wash gently with soap and warm water.
      NOTE: Like any handcrafted product, these pieces may have slight variations in shape, color and thickness

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