Lisa Allegra

Vase Tot / Excluded Brutal


Vase from the TOT collection , handmade by Lisa Allegra in her Barcelona studio, exclusively for Brutal Ceramics

Earth is a material of contrast that is both child's play and ancestral material, accessible and uncontrollable, which adapts to the infinitely small and infinitely large object (from the pearl to the frame). Soft matter which can be given a rigid, tense appearance, hard object which can have a soft appearance. Contrast and balance have always been present in his work of object design and scenography in an explicit or suggested way. She continues with ceramics, to explore these
themes. The choice to work this material allows him to be in a logic of small series, durable objects and to control the manufacturing. Her pieces are designed to be developed into collections and variations, but each one is unique because she shapes them by hand.

MATERIALS : Sandstone

TECHNIQUE : Plate modeling

ENAMEL : Glossy transparent inside

COLOUR : Carouge, Red, Yellow and Pastel Pink

DIMENSIONS : Ø 11cm, 15.5cm high


Waterproof: Yes
Dishwasher: Yes but prefer washing with soap and hot water

      NOTE: Like any handcrafted product, these pieces may have slight variations in shape, color and thickness.

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