Cups Cups Cups

Red stoneware vase H 20cm (z) - Beige white


Piece made by hand by Katharina Diedrich of the Cups Cups Cups workshop in her workshop in Paris.

Trained as a dancer and working on movement, Katharina Diedrich sees clay work in the same way: the ceramist tries to make matter dance. After working with a few ceramists in Burgundy and Paris, she launched her studio cups cups cups where she created pieces with stoneware modeling in an intuitive and sensitive relationship.

MATERIALS : Chamotte red sandstone

TECHNIQUE : Modeling / Pinching

EMAIL : From personal research

COLOUR : Shades of brown and "beads" on the outside (retraction of the enamel)

DIMENSIONS : L28cm approximately, width 10.5cm, height 20cm


Wash with soap and water

      NOTE: Single Piece

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