Emmanuelle Roule

Vase OMOTA_04


Vase from the OMOTA collection designed by Emmanuelle Roule for Brutal Ceramics. Emmanuelle develops a work of sculpture, questioning the volume and the material through the modeling. She names her work, the geography of the form. Each piece is unique. They are the result of an exploratory artistic approach carried out around light, texture and color which relate to each other, with the surrounding space and an architectural dimension.

An approach to design thought out in a transversal and multidisciplinary way, where the material and the design process hold a central place
in formal research. Unique objects, designed halfway between utility and sculpture with a strong architectural dimension

Vase / Unique piece designed for Brutal Ceramics

MATERIALS : Stoneware white glaze earthenware, low temperature series

TECHNIQUE : On the plate, sculpted

COLOUR : Brilliant blue enamel, matte and glossy white enamel, white raw earth

DIMENSIONS : Length 19cm, Height 28cm approximately, Width 7cm


NOT WATERPROOF, can contain dried flowers...or quite simply can be used as a decorative object

      NOTE: unique piece

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