Alison Thirion

black slime


From her Intervalle collection, this vase is turned and assembled by hand by Alison Thirion. This collection is inspired by the rhythm of music, but also by architecture. This monochromatic composition consists of a vase, a cup available on Brutal.

MATERIALS : Earthenware

TECHNIQUE : Turning / Assembly

ENAMEL : Satin

COLOUR : Black

DIMENSIONS : Ø 6cm, H 25cm


Microwave: No
Dishwasher: No
Oven: No
Waterproof: Yes (see details in note)

      NOTE: Like any handcrafted product, these pieces may have slight variations in shape, color and thickness.
      Earthenware is an earth that retains porosity on the unglazed parts (the ring under the piece here). I therefore recommend the use of a tray, round cork, the customer's convenience, if the object is placed on a fragile table to avoid any risk of a halo.
      The handle is decorative and therefore cannot be used to transform the vase into a pitcher.

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