Sharlen Nozawa

Moon Jar H18 black stoneware vase - cracked white

Sharlen Nozawa is a ceramist born in Hawaii and based in Paris. Raised in a Japanese family, she has always had a deep appreciation for filling the table with minimalist, functional and fine objects. Rooted in an affinity for raw materials and drawing inspiration from nature, Sharlen gravitates around functional tableware and organic sculptures for the table.


MATERIALS : Black sandstone

TECHNIQUE : This is a traditional Korean technique of combining two bowls into a jar, called MOON JAR. This is a very minimalistic technique that emphasizes harmony between two simple objects to create a beautiful new form.

ENAMEL : Cracked white

COLOUR : Black and white

DIMENSIONS : Ø 17cm approximately , height 18cm


Maintenance: clean gently with water

Waterproof: Yes.

      NOTE: Single Piece

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