Lucile Boudier

Pyrite sandstone vase H21cm - pearly white


Sandstone vase handmade by Lucile Boudier.

Imperfection, irregularity, asymmetry are at the heart of her work, she seeks a singular and spontaneous, primitive and delicate beauty. Guided by her intuition, Lucile Boudier creates luminous sculptural objects, a bit raw, like poetic punctuations in everyday life.

MATERIALS : Pyrite sandstone

TECHNIQUE : Colombin modeling

ENAMEL : Pearly enamel

COLOUR : Brilliant pearly white

DIMENSIONS : Ø 12cm approximately, height 21cm approximately


Hand wash gently with soap and hot water and exceptionally in the dishwasher.
Allow to dry in the open air
Beware of fragile enamel, sensitive to shocks and friction.
      NOTE: Unique piece

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