Ophélie Talhas

White stoneware vase H23cm - sand white


Piece made by hand in the workshop of Ophélie Talhas, in the suburbs of Paris.

Based in the suburbs of Paris, Ophélie Talhas makes sandstone objects that are sometimes utilitarian, sometimes purely decorative. His personal approach revolves mainly around two techniques. The coil allows her to form around the void and the turning offers her just the opposite, starting from a defined shape such as the cylinder she can deform directly in the mass. She uses few tools which leads her to highlight the work of the hand and the imprint of her fingers. She pushes the limits of matter by dancing with notions such as balance and lightness. Each creation is inspired by movements that give way to abstract and singular forms. These objects of the same DNA freeze an image of slow and rigorous creation. Research around the coating is also very important. Deposited by touches, the glazes become sensory and add depth and texture to the whole of this clay envelope.


TECHNIQUE : Turned then deformed by hand

COOKING : Electric

MATERIALS : Chamotted white sandstone

ENAMEL : Shiny clear ash-based on the inside, raw on the outside

COLOUR : Sandy white

DIMENSIONS : Ø 18cm approximately, height 23cm


Maintenance: Gently clean with clear water. Allow to dry in the open air.

Waterproof: Yes.

      NOTE: Unique piece

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