Moïo Studio

Cobalt blue vase_03


Vase handmade in the Moïo Studio workshop, in Berlin, Germany for Brutal Ceramics.

Moïo Studio is the ceramic studio of multidisciplinary artist Maia Beyrouti. Based in Berlin since 2009, Maia opened the studio to create small-batch handcrafted collections as well as one-off items in direct collaboration with other artists and retailers.

MATERIALS : Glazed stoneware


ENAMEL : Matte, lava touch

COLOUR : Cobalt Blue

DIMENSIONS : Ø 5.5cm approximately, height 12cm


To hand-wash
Dry well after use
Beware of fragile enamel, sensitive to shocks and friction, dry well with a towel or in the open air after each use.
      NOTE: Unique piece

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