AP Céramique

"Bird" 01 vase in black stoneware H 24cm - Black


Stoneware piece made by hand by Ap Céramique near Dijon in France.

Antoine Pillot's creative approach essentially revolves around the form and function of objects. However, it goes against the classic design approach according to which “form follows function”. For Antoine, form is essential and constitutes the starting point for his reflection on everyday objects. Originally from Burgundy and son of winegrowers, he is attached to the land and traditional techniques in a contemporary creative vision. For Antoine, each clay has real properties that he wishes to highlight, such as the grain of chamotte sandstone or the softness of porcelain while playing on these contrasts (matte/shiny, smooth/rough)
Antoine also harvests vine ash from the family estate which he integrates into the enamel of some of his pieces as a symbolic nod to his origins. He designs and creates each of his pieces in his workshop near Dijon.

MATERIALS : Black chamotte sandstone

TECHNIQUE : Sculpture vases made entirely of modeling using the coil technique

COOKING : Electric

EMAIL : Transparent email only inside

COLOR : Black maroon brown

DIMENSIONS : Length approximately 24cm, height 24cm, width 13cm


Waterproof: Yes
Wash with a damp sponge

      NOTE: Unique piece

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