Jade Paton

Sandstone vase 02 H42cm - shiny khaki


Piece made by hand in Jade Paton's workshop in Cape Town, South Africa.

His main source of inspiration is the antique vase, as well as forms from nature, architecture, design and contemporary art. During the construction process, the form mutates and evolves into something unexpected. The surfaces of the works can be raw and natural, as if they had emerged from the earth, or saturated and colored. The sculptures are both ancient and futuristic - a juxtaposition of old and new. Daughter of florists in Cape Town, the object like the vase particularly inspires her. They are both sculptural and functional.
All pieces are handmade and each piece has its unique character .

MATERIALS : Sandstone

TECHNIQUE : Colombin modeling

ENAMEL : Brilliant Khaki

COLOUR : Khaki

DIMENSIONS : Ø 16cm approximately, height 42cm, width 20cm


Maintenance: clean gently with water

Waterproof: Yes. Avoid placing it on a wooden surface during the first use.

      NOTE: Although the pieces are not unique, the handmade nature of the product results in a slightly different result for each piece.

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