Matsushiro Yaki Mug - 150ml

Asemi Co is a Japanese brand that was created by Yuki & Lars, designers and longtime friends. Always fascinated by traditional craftsmanship, they came together in 2015 to launch Asemi Co. Their mission is to preserve traditional local Japanese craftsmanship by combining various handicrafts with contemporary design. The resulting products thus offer a fusion of contemporary design and know-how.
They selected many craftsmen from all over Japan to give the Asemi cup a local identity in each Japanese region.
Asemi Co. mugs come in two sizes. They may look different at first glance, but they all have the same basic design, which allows them to be combined and stacked no matter what style of pottery they were made with.

This Matsushiro-Yaki cup combines the know-how of 400-year-old Japanese pottery with a sleek and timeless design. It is characterized by its beautiful enamel, changing from dark brown to green, white to a rich blue. This effect is obtained thanks to a special method of the craftsman who applies different types of enamels of natural color.

The mugs are handcrafted and made with 100% natural ingredients in the glaze. The beautiful glaze looks different on each mug.

The clay, recovered from the surrounding mountains, is rich in iron. This can only be seen in the reddish brown colors of the bottom of the cup. Natural glazes are composed of compositions of ash and different metals such as copper for green.

The white glaze is made with the ashes of burnt straw, which will turn blue by reacting with the iron in the clay.

The mugs are Mastushiro Yaki are made by Tomoki Miyazaki in Matsushiro, Nagano Prefecture.

MATERIALS : Glazed stoneware


ENAMEL : Wood ash enamel

COLOUR : Blue-brown-green-white

DIMENSIONS : Ø 7cm, height approximately 6.5cm


Microwave: No
Dishwasher: No, prefer a hand wash
Oven: No
Food: Yes.

      NOTE: Like any handcrafted product, these pieces may have slight variations in shape, color and thickness.

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