Judith Lasry

Gleaned clay cup for wood cooking 75ml - Green


This piece is made by hand in Judith Lasry's workshop in Burgundy.

Judith shapes her ceramics in a raw, expressive gesture, exploiting the play of randomness. Her favorite technique is hand modeling.

MATERIALS : Mixtures of locally harvested stoneware, vine ash enamel.

COOKING : Curly flame wood-fired oven, Olsen or Phoenix type with some construction variations. Interior volume 1.2 m3. The fireplace and the bedroom are above the two alandiers, which are open on the same side. Thus heated, the chimney draws more quickly. 3 cubic meters of wood required for drenching the oven and cooking which lasts a total of approximately 24 hours. They were a team of 6 potters to fire the kiln, because it requires a lot of human and physical energy.
The cooking is not reductive, the atmosphere of the oven remained in oxidation, they voluntarily decided not to do any reduction.

TECHNIQUE : Pinch modeling

ENAMEL : Enamels resulting from personal research, wood ashes and vine branches

COLOR : Shades of green

DIMENSIONS : Ø approximately 6cm, height approximately 6cm - 75ml


Microwave: No
Dishwasher: Yes
Oven: No
Food: Yes.

      NOTE: Unique piece, each cup is different.

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