Estudio Vernis

Set of 3 candlesticks in white sandstone (V) - Brown and blue


Piece made by hand in the workshop of Estudio Vernis in Spain.

Estudio Vernís is a workshop that celebrates the craftsmanship and the unexpected of clay and wood firing. Each piece is individually made, by hand, in their workshop located in the mountains of Alicante, Spain. Timeless, durable and constantly evolving ceramics designed to be functional. The studio was founded in 2019 by Alejandra and Coke, a couple who studied architecture and decided they wanted to use their hands and natural resources to make something he identified with. They aspire to a world where each object contains traces of the hands that made it. That's why their fingerprints are present at every step of the process, from pinching clay to formulating ash-based glazes or splitting wood, leaving a mark in a durable and natural material, using techniques primitives and local resources.

MATERIALS : Chamotted white sandstone.

COOKING : over a wood fire on a cone 10 in an oxidizing atmosphere with pine wood

TECHNIQUE : pinched

EMAIL : Email from personal research, pine ash

COLOUR : Browns, blues, ochres

DIMENSIONS : approximately 5x5x5cm


Wash with a damp sponge by hand
      NOTE: Single set

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