Noe Kuremoto

Sculpture "Daruma" H34cm - Matt white


Piece made by hand in the workshop of Noe Kuremoto, in London.

Noe Kuremoto is a ceramic artist who makes everything by hand using simple tools. She is known for her playful sculptural works that take the form of ancient Japanese clay figurines. Her works combine childlike simplicity with contemporary sophistication, and integrate her training in fine art and design with her cultural heritage. She shares the traditional Japanese view that spirits are everywhere, especially in nature – for Noe, the truth of our universe can be found in the wilderness. Its centerpiece is its interpretation of an ancient talisman - "Haniwa" "Dogu" "Toro" - which invites the spirit of nature into people's homes in the simplest form possible. It is representative of her desire to make a deeper connection in a world that can often seem superficial. "I hope every piece I create will help my sons see the world as a beautiful place. My art work is my journey to strengthen my soul. I would like to share them with you. A talisman for having the courage to live our life as sincerely as possible".
Her ceramics are like a beautiful dream that her hands, fire and clay transform into reality.
Noe was born in Osaka, Japan and graduated in fine arts with first class honors from Central Saint Martins College of Art. She works and lives in London with her family and her dog Lassie.

"The Daruma doll is a traditional Japanese eyeless talisman, used to actualize a goal in our life by helping us to aim for it clearly. We buy these talismans at the local temple and draw the left eye, saying our goal out loud. When we reach our goal, we paint over the right eye.
In life, you don't get what you don't aim for. It may sound simple, but it is terribly difficult for us to keep our purpose precise and sincere. We often hide our goals from others to avoid being caught off guard if we fail.
I hope this Daruma collection will help us to be disciplined and not mistaken in living an aimless life. Together, let's imagine what we could become after aiming for our goal with one hand."


MATERIALS : White sandstone

COOKING : Electric.

TECHNIQUE : Modeling

EMAIL : White satin enamel

COLOUR : Matt white

DIMENSIONS : Ø 20cm, 34 cm high


Wash with a damp sponge.

      NOTE: Like any handcrafted product, these pieces may have slight variations in shape, color and thickness.

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