Terre Brute

"CLOUD STONE VIII" sculpture in chamotte sandstone H 36cm - matt beige


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Raw Earth refers to the rugged landscape of a fictional planet.
Like a collection of precious stones assembled by a primitive civilization, Terre Brute sculptures are a tool for projecting our imagination.
They resonate with each other. Their inspiration is born in pagan ceremonies and rites of shamanism, around the power of the elements of the earth, organic objects, and stones with unique shapes.
Terre Brute is the project of the artist Anastasia Gladkova. Originally from Eastern Siberia, she works in Paris, after obtaining her fine arts diploma from Caen.


MATERIALS : White chamotte sandstone

TECHNIQUE : Modeling

EMAIL : Left raw

COLOR : Matte sand beige

DIMENSIONS : Length approximately 42 cm, height 36cm, width 36cm


Interview :

Dry cleaning with a soft brush
If there is a stain, brush with colorless soap

      NOTE: Unique piece

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