Maud Thiefaine

Salad bowl in sandstone cooking wood D 27cm - Orange


Piece made by hand in the workshop of Maud Thiefaine

After starting out as an amateur and training in turning then in enamel in Puisaye,
Maud Thiéfaine lived and worked for several years in La Borne, in Berry, where she refined her technique and oriented her work towards wood firing. Today she continues her work between La Borne and Tournus, along the Saône, where she has perfected her own oven with a happy team of friends. Instead of ceramist, she prefers that of potter, the one who makes pots, everyday objects. Its forms are simple, refined, rustic but delicate at the same time, one can read there the gestures of the turning, the position of its hand during the enamelling, the strata of coil. His enamels, which are constantly evolving, are made up of few ingredients, few artifices, to leave plenty of room for the magic of fire, its chemistry, its material. From the bolinet to the table, of all sizes and all uses, there is, at each stage of her creations, a pleasure and a sensuality that she tries to transmit to whoever holds the finished object in her hands. She fires all of her pieces in wood, but in two different ovens. Production of enamelled crockery in a short firing oven (12-14h) and anagama firing (5 days) for pieces more marked by the flame.

MATERIALS : sandstone mix


COOKING : Anagama cooking for 5 days

EMAIL : From personal research, email shino

COLOUR : Orange

DIMENSIONS : Ø 27cm about 9cm high


Microwave: Yes
Dishwasher: Yes
Oven: No
Food: Yes

      NOTE: Unique piece

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