Samantha Kerdine

Cutlery L 38cm - Pink blue


Piece made by hand in the workshop of Samantha Kerdine.

Samantha Kerdine is a French artist, her studio in the 18th is full of colors and pieces in progress. His work tells of his inner life, full of imaginary landscapes, of his day and night dreams .
Each shape comes from a sketch, she develops each of her color palettes upstream, looking for a particular harmony according to the pieces she works on. His inspirations come from the world of art, with, to name but a few, Denis Laget, Van Gogh and David Hockney. Surrounded by artists with whom she exchanges very regularly, Samantha is looking for a personal writing that can represent her unique way of seeing the world.
For Brutal Ceramics, Samantha wanted to create pieces on the theme of "Lunch on the grass", there are large plates with bursting flowers, as if the pollen was escaping from the plate, or these cutlery almost impractical as if taken from a Dali painting.
These pieces specially edited by Brutal will not be restocked. The selection is therefore unique and exclusive.

MATERIALS : French glazed earthenware and engobes

TECHNIQUE : Modeling

EMAIL : house blend

COLOUR : Pink, Blue

DIMENSIONS : Length approximately 38cm


Decorative use only

Damp cloth for cleaning

      NOTE: Single Piece

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