Motoko Saigo

Petale S object in red sandstone D 9cm - brown


Sandstone piece handmade by Motoko Saigo in Paris.

Motoko Saigo is a Japanese ceramist who lives and works in Paris. After studying design in Japan, Motoko moved to Paris where she trained in different pottery techniques with a Japanese ceramist. In her small workshop under the roof, the ceramist shapes utilitarian pieces on the wheel, mainly in stoneware and half-porcelain, which she then reworks by hand to thin the shape and optimize the curvature. Her lightest possible volumes highlight a great harmony and variety of colors, which she creates herself by manufacturing her enamels.

MATERIALS : French chamotte red sandstone

TECHNIQUE : by pinching a ball of earth

COOKING : Electric

EMAIL : From personal research

COLOR : Matte brown

DIMENSIONS : Ø approximately 9cm, height 6cm


Clean with soapy water

NOTE: Unique piece

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