White stoneware bowl D 17cm / White


Bowl made by hand in sandstone by Estefania who owns the Spanish ceramic studio Asterisk. She was inspired by the artist Chillida to make this plate.

Asterisk is the space in which Estefania dreams of invented phrases, images from another world, unreal colors and textures to be discovered, which she slowly transforms into ceramic pieces that reconstitute her imagination.

Like an asterisk* - which indicates that a shape, word or phrase is hypothetical, impossible, incorrect or non-existent - the ceramist finds authentic beauty in the value of words, images, shapes, people...

His pieces are handcrafted and tend towards “organic geometry”. Forms and mixtures of textures, colors, mix to form his world and his universe.

MATERIALS : White sandstone

TECHNIQUE : Plate modeling

ENAMEL : Matt enamel, applied with a brush

COLOUR : White

DIMENSIONS : Ø 17cm, height 10cm


Oven: No
Dishwasher: Yes, with precautions when loading
Food: Yes

      NOTE: Like any handcrafted product, these pieces may have slight variations in shape, color and thickness.

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