Gleaned clay bowl D 29cm - gray satin white


Amélie maintains a sensitive connection with the landscape. She harvests clays, rocks and plants from nature to model and glaze her ceramics. The landscape is a pretext for making ceramics and ceramics is a pretext for going into the landscape. Mixer of territories. She surveys, she gleans, she assembles materials from her Loire or mountain wanderings. She transforms, she rehydrates, she crushes, grinds and burns all her finds. An endless game of experimentation and chance. Each modeled object is made up of a small, intimate geography, witness to surveyed places, inspired by and coming from nature. Each cooking is a surprise. The raw materials are expressed, the rocks stand out to give each of his pieces a free and spontaneous, textured and vibrant appearance.

MATERIALS : Clay gleaned from nature in Anjou and addition of Loire sand and volcanic rock from the Massif Central

COOKING : Electric

TECHNIQUE : Modeling

ENAMEL : Magnesian white

COLOR : satin white, gray

DIMENSIONS : Ø approximately 29cm, 10cm wide


Microwave: No
Dishwasher: Yes
Oven: No
Food: Yes

      NOTE: Unique piece

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