Catherine Dix Ceramics

Stoneware cup - White


Stoneware cup made by hand in the workshop in the Parisian suburbs of Catherine Dix Ceramics.

This cup can be used as a fruit bowl or simply as a decorative element.

Catherine lives and works in Paris/Montreuil.

The work of Catherine Dix Ceramics is a story of construction, assembly, emptiness and fullness, shadow and light. She evolves instinctively by confronting forms, changing places, starting again with others and, gradually, the balance is achieved. Catherine Dix finds an echo in constructivist and brutalist architecture, but also in primitive pottery, with a sensitivity for simple and well-constructed objects.

MATERIALS : Stoneware "mortar" chamotte

TECHNIQUE : Stamping and plate work

ENAMEL : White

COLOUR : White

DIMENSIONS : Ø 18.5cm, 17.5cm high


Hand wash gently with soap and warm water. It is not recommended to use a sponge as the fibers could cling to the sometimes rough surface of the vase.
Allow to air dry on a wire rack.
Do not machine wash.
Not waterproof
Avoid fatty foods and overripe fruits.

Beware of fragile enamel, sensitive to shocks and friction.
      NOTE: Like any handcrafted product, these pieces may have slight variations in shape, color and thickness.

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