Cindy Liao Rasamoelina

Copy of Copy of Incense Holder in white sandstone D 12.5cm - Blush and Amber


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Stoneware piece made by hand in Cindy Liao Rasamoelina's workshop.

Cindy Liao Rasamoelina was born in Madagascar and works in Paris.
Trained in fashion design and then model making, she discovered ceramics by taking a closer look at restaurant plates.
Then began an apprenticeship at Tabouret in Montreuil with Valentine Gouget.

Its forms draw on its Malagasy and Chinese origins, while leaving at each stage an element of contingency in the object.

MATERIALS : White chamotte sandstone (origin Spain)

TECHNIQUE : Modeling, pinching

ENAMEL : Satin and shiny enamels created by the ceramist

COLOR : Blush and amber

DIMENSIONS : Ø 12.5cm, H 4cm


Interview ? Rinse the ashes with water. An opening underneath allows you to dislodge any stuck incense sticks.

      NOTE: Like any handcrafted product, these pieces may have slight variations in shape, color and thickness

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