Catherine Dix Ceramics

Red stoneware bottle H 16.5cm - brown and gray


Stoneware piece made by hand in the Catherine Dix Ceramics workshop in Périgord.

She has been developing work around the bottle for several years. A priori everyday object but which it diverts from its primary function. The bottle becomes a sculpture or vase, a tripod creature, sometimes perched high or evoking a headless casserole dish. Interpretation is free.
The work of Catherine Dix Ceramics is a story of construction, assembly, emptiness and fullness, shadow and light. It evolves instinctively by confronting shapes, changing places, starting again with others and, gradually, balance is achieved. Catherine Dix finds an echo in constructivist and brutalist architecture, but also in primitive pottery, with a sensitivity for simple and well-constructed objects.

MATERIALS : Chamotte red sandstone

TECHNIQUE : Potter's wheel, slab, assembly

ENAMEL : Slip and transparent coating in certain places

COLOR : raw earth, brown, gray

DIMENSIONS : Ø 8.5cm, 16.5cm high


Fragile, dust with a brush or soft cloth
Not waterproof

      NOTE: Unique piece

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