Emmanuelle Roule

Bowl Alta_04


Bowl from the Alta collection, handmade by Emmanuelle Roule in her Parisian workshop. This container was designed for Brutal. This micro capsule series is designed as a stackable duo.

Emmanuelle develops a work of sculpture, questioning volume and material through modeling, in her studio in the heart of Paris. She calls her work the geography of form. Each piece is unique. They are the result of an exploratory artistic approach carried out around light, texture and color which relate to each other, with the surrounding space and an architectural dimension.

She is also co-founder of the Gangster Bastille collective. Pieces by Léa Munsch and Judith Lasry, also founders of Gangster, can also be found on the eshop.

Here: Bowl Alta_04 imagined in duo with the high plate Alta_04.

Attention, containers sold separately.

MATERIALS : White cooking stoneware including 2 fine and medium chamotte types

TECHNIQUE : Modeling and plate.

ENAMEL : Low temperature earthenware enamelling 980 degrees / assembly of 4 shades

COLOUR : White, blue, black and chrome

DIMENSIONS : Ø 13cm, height 4.5 cm approximately


Microwave: No
Dishwasher: No
Oven: No
Food: Yes (see details in note)

      NOTE: Unique piece.
      Avoid putting liquids or hot foods for reasons of sealing because the parts and the vertical walls are not entirely enamelled inside. Soil can be porous. Possibility of placing elements in it such as fruits, raisins... Or making it a decorative object.

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