Héloïse Bariol

W2340 red earthenware plate D 27cm - Multicolor


Plate made by hand in Héloïse Bariol's workshop in Rouen.

Héloïse has set up a production of utility parts. Unique or in small series, they are made of red earthenware, turned or modeled. More or less coated, decorated with metallic oxide juices and industrial dyes, enameled and fired in an electric oven at around 1080°.
Through the production of ceramic volumes which are most often everyday objects such as bowls, plates, dishes, pitchers, Héloïse Bariol seeks dialogues between shapes and colors, as well as a field of interactions between the user, the object and the surrounding space. In search of mobility, she attempts to question the porosity between different categories, utility/sculpture, painting/sculpture, plan/volume, by exploring the material possibilities offered by ceramics.

MATERIALS : Red chamotte earthenware

TECHNIQUE : Stamping, slab shaping

ENAMEL : Glossy transparent cover, 1080° electric

COLOR : Multicolor

DIMENSIONS : Ø approximately 27cm


Dishwasher: Yes
Microwave: No
Oven: No
Food: Yes
Fats or foods to avoid: Avoid leaving a vinaigrette in for too long. Rinse after use.

      NOTE: Unique piece

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