Atelier Tsukumogami

Kinoko beige plate D 18cm in speckled sandstone


Kinoko plate in speckled sandstone handmade in the Parisian workshop of the Tsukumogami workshop.

These small plates are modeled and engraved by hand. The engraved veins evoke the mushrooms of the undergrowth.

Tsukumogami is a workshop for the creation of artisanal ceramics based in Montreuil (93). Eugénie creates pieces of crockery and decorative objects there, always in small series, inspired by marvelous landscapes and Japanese folklore.

Each piece is modeled or turned and the enamels are the result of personal research, always made on site. Speckled sandstone is Eugénie's favorite clay, for its trendy and rustic appearance at the same time, as well as for its robustness.

MATERIALS : Glazed speckled stoneware

TECHNIQUE : Stamping and engraving by hand

ENAMEL : Satin white

COLOUR : White



Microwave: Yes
Dishwasher: Yes but beware of shocks
Oven: No
Food: Yes.

      NOTE: Like any handcrafted product, these pieces may have slight variations in shape, color and thickness.

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