Hana Karim

Black sandstone plate L 21cm - Pink


Plate made by hand in Hana Karim's workshop in Ljubljana, Slovenia .

She first began to approach the earth material by being a ceramic jewelry designer for ten years. By then working in ceramics, Hana transposed the gestures learned for jewelry. His work around ceramics is colorful, textured. We find in his plates, bowls, cups, what his parents taught him: the creative personality of his mother, the Kurdish and Iraqi origins of his father for the bluish green hues reminiscent of Iraqi Kurdistan. Work and the creative process find their conception in the relationship that Hana has with her parents.
Its forms are organic like the emotion of his childhood which reminds him of memories.


MATERIALS : Black sandstone

TECHNIQUE : Plate modeling

ENAMEL : Matte pink

COLOUR : Pale pink

DIMENSIONS : L 21cm approximately, W 16cm


Microwave: Yes
Dishwasher: Yes
Oven: Avoid above 100°C
Food: Yes

      NOTE: Like any handcrafted product, these pieces may have slight variations in shape, color and thickness.

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