Pottery West

Speckled sandstone plate D 20cm - Ocher


Plate made by hand in the workshop of Matt and Catherine West in England.

Pottery West is the ceramics studio of English couple Catherine and Matt West. Since 2013 they have been designing and making turned tableware, working mostly in stoneware and firing in electric kilns, although they have recently started using a wood-fired oven for their work.
The inspiration is sculptural and pictorial; texture, tone, light and form. The question of function is at the heart of their design process. They spend a lot of time imagining the context in which their ceramics will be used.

MATERIALS : Pyrite sandstone


EMAIL : From personal research, satin ocher

COLOUR : satin ocher

DIMENSIONS : Ø 20cm approximately, height 2cm


Microwave: No
Dishwasher: Yes, but be careful. Pottery West recommends hand washing your ceramics when you can as regular use of a dishwasher can shorten their lifespan.
Oven: No
Food: Yes

Avoid placing in extremely hot or cold environments such as an oven or freezer, as this may cause thermal shock and lead to brittleness and cracking.

      NOTE: Like any handcrafted product, these pieces may have slight variations in shape, color and thickness.

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