Eva Kengen

Gray stoneware deep plate D16cm - pearl gray


Stoneware plate handmade by Eva Kengen in her Belgian workshop.

It was in Japan, during a long trip, that Eva Kengen discovered turning, a central technique in her work as a ceramist. Clay allows him to explore the complementarity of opposites, to find a tenuous balance between textures, shapes and colors, while preserving the essential functionality of the object. The result is a universe where clean, intentionally imperfect lines meet a palette of natural tones. His stoneware pieces are made on a potter's wheel and enamelled by hand, in his workshop in the heart of the Belgian Ardennes.

MATERIALS : Gray chamotte sandstone (Germany)

TECHNIQUE : Potter's wheel

ENAMEL : Resulting from personal research, Matt mist white and cork oak ashes (iridescent) - unglazed on the outside

COLOUR : Misty white and pearl gray

DIMENSIONS : Ø 16cm, height 5cm


Microwave: No
Dishwasher: Yes but beware of shocks
Oven: No
Food: Yes

      NOTE: Like any handcrafted product, these pieces may have slight variations in shape, color and thickness.

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